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Video included

It looks like the guy that comes walking up at approx 00:48 (the lede says he's an ex-cop) is using the two girls to keep the bouncers from finding his concealed weapon. The backup guy either knows him or has his hackles come up because he has the pat-down guy keep searching him. After the the ex-cop gets through (that's how it looks, anyway) he comes back out to toss the drink he had with him (clubs all over the world won't let you bring your own drinks in with you) and decides to mess with the back-up guy by pulling his gun on him. Unfortunately, the back-up guy was ready for it, directed that gun away from him while drawing his own gun and pap-papping the ex-cop on or about the C-7, dropping him like the proverbial sack of poo. From the video, it doesn't look like the ex-cop really intended to do anything, but the bouncer likely didn't know it ...