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Sounds like it might to be time to reduce the staff ... idle minds, and all.
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Virginia Beach
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And they're correct ... because as I've mentioned before, their knowing who you are doesn't improve flight security. The only knowledge that improves flight security is the certainty that you aren't carrying the means to interfere with the flight.
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It's always the people you trust that compromise your security ...

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I wish we had money to pay for such things ...
Looks like India is upgrading the nuke capacity ...

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Complimentarity Alert: It'll never be one or the other.
Killing sect leaders is terrorism only in the sense that all violence is terrorism. I tend to distrust people that wrap there positions in buzz-words.

It's almost like he's toying with the developed world.
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It never hurts to review the basics.
Well ... I guess the prices aren't coming down this week.
I swear ... kid's these days!


Hmmm ... can't think of any way this could go wrong ...
Interesting and accessible analysis of the credit card rule changes can be found here.
I wonder if this means that they were entrapped ...

Gee, it's too bad that them knowing who you are doesn't actually improve anyones Security, least of all yours. I wish they would take all the money they're spending on this and spend it on radiation detectors. At least that would force the baddies to blow the nukes or dirty bombs right at the border.
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Everyone that tries this is going to come to the same conclusion ...
Dead clients don't ... play!
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Salvation was pretty good ...
Interesting study on states gun policies ...
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I'm glad someone is going to stay up there, but I wish we were going to be there too.


Unfortunately, TSA knowing who you are doesn't improve your security at all. Either you are carrying the means to interfere with the flight, or you aren't. If you aren't, then why waste extremely limited resources preventing you from flying on the plane? If you are, why not spend the resources making damn sure that the means are detected instead of playing Big Brother games?

Hopefully, whoever replaces the mayor will get rid of this guy.
I think it's wise that the suppliers are filling the demand in such a way that they don't end up with excess capacity when the current deficit plays out. We really don't need any more bubbles. Also, just because you're hoarding, it doesn't mean that it's in any way unrasonable.
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It's unfortunate that so many people are unwilling to recognize that true Liberty and Justice, not to mention Security, are only possible in a uniformly armed society.


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I find that I'm reluctant to go to places where the 'heavy security' is for someone other than me. This is because when 'stuff' happens, everyone but the protectee is considered expendable. Even if nothing happens, it's hard to miss the sensation that the security personnel are measuring you for a body bag 'just in case'. This is why so much of the anti-tango security at the airports and government buildings is losing general support. It's impossible to miss the fact that it isn't you that's intended to be protected by it.

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Ummm ... shields up, set phasers on 'slaughter'!
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Hmmm ... re-elect if possible.


This was probably a good idea.
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Hmmm ... must want to get re-elected.
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That seems to be exactly what it does. I hope Florida watches this very closely.

The next war will be won from orbital space by whomever is able to operate most effectively there.
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Tappan Street Restaurant Group, which operates most of the Taco Mac restaurants in the Atlanta area, was quick to ban the legal carry of firearms in their restaurants following the passage of HB89 (the "gun rights" bill) into law in July 2008. WSB reported today (Sunday) that, shortly after 3am, an armed gunman accosted an employee as he or she took out the trash and attempted to rob the Taco Mac in Virginia Highlands. The manager drew a handgun and exchanged fire with the gunman before he (the gunman) fled. No employees or customers were reported injured. Had the manager honored the "gun ban" in TSRG's Taco Mac restaurants, the outcome could have been much worse -- consider the fate of slain bartender John Henderson at the Standard (who complied with his assailant's instructions) in January 2009.

I do so love it when they fight back!
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Hmmm ... Falconer ... I like the sound of it. How much does it pay ... ?
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Space Flight roundup:

One of the nice things about a heavily armed citizenry is that they make it so you don't have to spend a lot of tax dollars on security measures for your government employees. There are two reasons for this. The first is that the employees themselves are much less likely to do the things that make people crazy, and the second is that the baddies know that they are just as likely to be immediately killed at the legislature building as they are at the local gun store.
I do so love it when they fight back!


Home Invasion Roundup:
Arm yourselves and be ready to go, always!
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Hmmm ... he was certainly sporting some extra-large walendas.
A fairly crunchy discussion of statistical methodology used in pandemic reporting ...
Some of the Dems must want to get re-elected and at least one of the Repubs must not.


Extremely interesting ... if you're a science dink.
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Onion makes me laugh ...
It's always such a pain waiting for the last of the dinosaurs to die off. In the mean time, I wonder how a general boycott of all products made by the companies that lobbied for this law would go over.
This is a very important point to tease out. A professional, all-volunteer military is more than just a selective (and self-selecting) group. Service comes with a social compact: Deployed troops should have access to first-rate medical care; they will receive psychological screening; and their families should have access to a support network. While those ideals do not always translate to practice, the American public generally will spare no expense to make sure its volunteer military is properly trained, extremely well equipped and well protected. Deploying as a unit, rather than sending individual replacements, also bolsters morale. All of those factors — the support network, the screening, the good care, the willingness to be there – help cut down on tensions which could eventually lead to fratricide.
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Arm yourselves and be ready to go, always!
Hmmm ... the students were kept in the school where the first device was detonated until the rest of the school was searched ... and THEN they were sent home.
If college was always this fun, everyone would go.


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There is a lot to be said for taking databases that contain this type of data off-line.

I REALLY hope this is a joke. One lesson may help you understand how quickly you're going to lose, but it will have no effect on WHETHER you lose.

Gee whiz ... the first intelligent approach to effectively dealing with terrorism I've heard in months (teaching our high-schoolers how to put on the terrorist thinking cap when necessary) and everyone acts like the teacher committed a crime. I guess it really is better if they're oblivious to the thought processes that go into a terrorist act so that if they ever are confronted with one there won't be any chance, whatsoever, of recognizing and avoiding it. Instead they'll walk up and die horribly, as planned by the tangos. After all, we wouldn't want an education to interfere with that.
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Yeah ... Luby Cafeteria. You would think that people would learn.
It's amazing how the fact that it was in the desert encouraged everyone to ignore how tectonically and hydraulically active the whole area is.
Lift-off roundup:
On the plus side, Floridians should have little difficulty figuring out which of the members of their legislature are ignorant hypocrites after this.


It's almost like the Brit gubmint is trying to foment revolution. You would think that they have enough problems with all the Muslims in there country without turning their own subjects against them.
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Arm yourselves and be ready to go, always!

It is also hard (apparently) to make a case that it wasn't, too. I notice the politicians with the most to lose seem to believe it.


More details, and some graphics.

Too much information ... but still interesting.
Interesting project ... with resulting cool pics!
Home Invasion Roundup:
Arm yourselves and be ready to go, always!
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Onions make me laugh ...
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Quickly now ... let's do something, even if it's patently stupid, to hide the fact that we are unwilling to do the one thing that would actually help.

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Arm yourselves and be ready to go, always!


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This alone should be more than sufficient to endear him to the Israelis for all time.

A little unambiguous legislative leadership then ... please ...

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Arm yourselves and be ready to go, always!


I think that this is the point where we actually become a legitimately space-faring species.
This is a false dichotomy. Security is protection from interference and liberty is the absence of interference. Liberty is the result of effective security measures. Where we typically run into problems is when we fail to ask WHOSE security is being improved by implementation of a particular security measure. If you are being asked to give up any liberty in the bargain, then you can rest assured that it isn't your security that is being improved.
Here is a great post on several types of nuclear energy systems in development.
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These may be legal in some states ...
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Arm yourselves and be ready to go, always!