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It will continue to be interesting to see how this plays out.

If they actually had the authority to detain, then they should have done the rest of them rather than make the threat over and over again on camera to no effect (bad for business).

Hmmm ... if the first guy they detained did whatever they detained him for in the venue (the Alaska Room, Auditorium, Lunch Room, etc.) that was rented by the principal (the purchaser of the Security services), then they could quite possibly have the authority to deny access within the bounds of that venue and subsequently detain if there was a refusal to leave. But it seems unlikely that they would have rented the back hallway they're detaining the guy in (or the rest of the school, as one of the reporters pointed out) so they wouldn't have the authority to deny access, detain or otherwise interfere with the other reporters out in the hallway. Doing so without authority is usually a crime (what crime(s) depends on the jurisdiction).

The guy doing all the talking for the Security company doesn't sound all that confident that he has the authority out in the hallway (or wherever that is), and it looks like the policeman isn't buying any of it.

Lisa Murkowski is calling Joe Miller a liar [http:/pdf/miller_lies_to_press.pdf] for claiming on national news shows that he was required to hire security for his town-hall event at Central Middle School.