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The solution that I found was on Lifehacker.com and was written by Gina Tripani. She recommended using a password system. You start out with a 6 or 8 or 10 character core that you will remember. Whatever works for you is fine. A combination of letters and numbers is preferred. Even a word followed by numbers that mean something to you is fine. So, say 1234qwer is your 8 character core. (I know it looks random, but look at your keyboard to find where I got that character core) That core will be used everywhere. But what will make it unique, is adding letters at every different Web site. Take the first two vowels in the domain name of the Web site and add them to the beginning of your core and take the first two consonants and add them to the end of your core. For example, I will use Amazon.com, a fairly popular online retailer. With this system, your password for Amazon.com would become aa1234qwermz. I took the first two vowels in Amazon.com, aa, added the core in the middle, 1234qwer, and the first two consonants in Amazon.com, mz, to the end. That left me with aa1234qwermz, a strong password and a very easy system to remember at every Web site. You can change the system to whatever works best for you. If you want to use the first three consonants and the last vowel or last two consonants and first three vowels, that is fine. Just pick a system and a core and you are good to go. There will be some exceptions. Some Web sites require a certain number of characters and that may not conform to your system. Or they may require just numbers, but the vast majority of Web sites will work with this system.
Sounds quite workable ...