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When the 5.7 round was designed around the P-90, is was designed for military applications and as such has an armor piercing round. The round is not available to the public, nor is it available to individual officers or members of the military without the proper paperwork. So exactly what is the media talking about? Or is it more like hype over guns? Facts tend to mean little to nothing to liberals and the media. Lets look at a couple facts. The first one is that the FN Five Seven pistol will now be on some kind of “hit”  list for the anti gun crowd. Second, the only round that makes the 5.7 ammunition able to penetrate soft body armor is the SS 190 round. This round is not open for sale to the public, yes maybe a few boxes from years ago have drifted out, but you can’t buy it any more. Third, this pistol is really not that popular. Dealers have them for weeks at a time, some times months before they sell them. They are expensive and large, no real leather gear for daily carry  is available for the weapon and the cost of the ammo is high. Its just not a very big seller. I have go back to the range every year to re qualify, this is the first time I have seen someone show up with the Five Seven.  Hundreds of private and public officers and this was the first one who had the pistol. The pistol itself holds a 20 round magazine, not much more than a normal 9mm, which I am sure will be brought up as it was part of the ill fated Clinton assault weapons ban.