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The WaterWall is an end-to-end water security management system that provides government and municipality water utilities the ability to prevent, protect, detect, manage, and recover from everyday tasks to minor events and major crisis. These events include accidents, natural disasters, operational faults, contaminations, and sewer leaks to sabotage, chemical/biological materials, terror, and cyber crimes. Through online, real time data streaming the WaterWall collects and manages all information from the physical protection components and the water monitoring systems. The WaterWall unifies security and information systems to provide early warnings, and manage all events. It achieves this by using a sophisticated model composed of dynamic semi automatic procedures and on demand communication tools. With this, the WaterWall can manage manpower and resources to support all operational needs. Furthermore, the WaterWall reduces potentially costly human error, and makes it easier to establish and maintain compliance with industry and government regulations. The WaterWall also dramatically improves the speed and effectiveness of incident response and recovery while actually reducing operating costs. It"s a solution that creates an environment where all current and future technologies, people and actionable procedures are fused into a unified, control and management platform empowers control room and/or remote control personnel to focus on all aspects of management from one location.
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