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It's hard to call without having been there. Security always has the home court advantage but the S/O that's doing the talking isn't really providing any information and he could have just as easily been talking a mile a minute about "Look the promoter has pulled the plug because things are getting explosive out there. The shows been canceled but if you step over here we can call the promoter, Look, I don't have any choice, the property managers have told us we have to trespass you and have you arrested if you try to go on, etc." DMX et al. appear to have come to a stop for some talk-talk, but all that's being said is "We're badder than you" which typically doesn't promote a positive outcome. Practitioners of the Security Craft should try to remember that the guy your messing with may be able to afford better attorneys than you can and there isn't anything that guarantees that you'll be dropped from the suit or that you'll prevail, so you should probably exhaust all the non-provocative and non-violent possibilities before moving on to name calling and so forth ...