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Investigators carried liquid explosives and low-yield detonators -- materials investigators note are not normally carried into federal buildings. The GAO said security concerns prevent it from revealing the exact locations or cities of the affected facilities, but that eight of them were government owned, while two were leased. They included offices of a U.S. senator and House member, as well as offices for the departments of Homeland Security, Justice and State, the GAO reported. In one instance, the GAO obtained a building security tape showing an investigator walking through a security checkpoint with bomb making materials.

Usually, this is a result of having exceptions to policies. Once there is an exception, exceptions become perks; and, at that point, you might as well toss the security policies all together because every time a policy enforcer challenges someone's right to an exception the enforcer will inevitably be challenging someone well up in the pecking order and will be penalized accordingly. Why risk enforcing the policy at the risk of losing your job? If you want effective security, don't allow exceptions.